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Timely and Excellent

Angel of Mercy (suspense crime mystery murder thriller) (A Matthew Cruze Investigation) - Tim Knox

In this era where reality television is almost routine programing Angel of Mercy hints at the concept of where it might one day go.
I love a good mystery.  I enjoy trying to solve it, am excited by all the twists and turns the plot takes and the best part for me is getting the answer wrong.  I hate the predictable.  This book hits all of the high points that make a mystery my favorite genre.
A reality show pays the estate of a terminally ill person a large sum of money in exchange for being permitted to film the doctor assisted suicide.  The star of the show is a doctor who had been accused of being an angel of death.  A newsman who had already penned a book covering the criminal case and firmly believed in the doctor's guilt is contacted by the show's producer and offered a huge sum of money to help write the star's autobiography. He agrees and it's while he is watching the filming of an episode that things start to get crazy.
The author makes the characters real.  The hero (Matthew Cruze) is likable, a man I wanted to see succeed.  The bad guys are delightfully evil.  They are so very easy to hate, each for their own personal flaws.  
The book is a hit and I am already looking forward the next book